Product Think Tank

Product Consulting

We help companies maximize their efficiency & effectiveness.

What we do:
● Optimize your website user experience & make it more sales-effective.
● Evaluate and improve your brand image and strategy.
● Provide an outsider perspective on your company's current situation.
● Assess and evaluate current operations & marketing strategy.
● Provide innovative ideas, advice, and solutions for improvement.


This means that we help you:
● Convert website visitors into paying customers.
● Reduce costs by optimizing your performance and efficiency.
● Find new opportunities to increase revenue.
● Reach and gain new clients.
● Improve, grow, and evolve your business.
● Excel beyond your competition.

Learn more about us or get in touch if you want to hire us on your next project.


Our Services

User Experience Design

A good user experience brings users back. We tweak your website or app until it offers the best user experience.


We create the wireframes for your website or mobile app to make sure you have the right features and best UX.

Rapid Prototyping

We conduct usability testing and amend your prototype following the Lean Startup methodology.



We optimize your website's wording to insure maximum visitor conversion; we convert visitors into buyers.



We help you creatively name your startup, come up with new concepts, or find new ideas and opportunities.



Idea & Risk Assessment

We analyze your idea, assess its likelihood to succeed, evaluate your risk, and guide you in the right direction.


Action Optimization

We convert views into actions. We make sure your ads, website, or app are doing what they're supposed to.

Marketing Strategy

It's not just online ads & social media. We create the complete marketing strategy that best suits your product.

Web & Mobile Design

We design and develop websites and mobile apps. We also revamp, modernize and mobilize your current website.

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About Us

How It Started

"People always ask us for advice, because we've been there, we have the experience, they've seen us do it, and they've seen our work. They know that we're smart, creative people and we love giving advice. Since we have vast experience in the business, design, and tech-startup domains, we decided to bring it all together and help you make use of it in one place. We created Productra. It was born from our passion. This is what we love to do. Using our knowledge, experience and wisdom, our mission through Productra is to help others succeed. Working together, we all benefit."


Karim Muhtar,

Founder & Lead Consultant


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Contact Us

We love working with companies and people who are ambitious and passionate about their work. Since we are sometimes overbooked and unable to accept every request, we prioritize according to how much we can contribute to your idea and how interesting it is. Get in touch with us, tell us what's on your mind, and we will reply shortly.

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